It is a privilege to support Islanders through their end-of-life journey and grieving process.

Hospice PEI volunteer support is focused on the individual and centers around their family and loved ones. We seek to address not only the physical needs, but also the social, emotional, and spiritual needs as well. We recognize dying as a natural process in the cycle of life and assert that a good death is equally as important as a good life. We seek to bring care, compassion, comfort, and hope for a peaceful and pain-free death to individuals and families living with a life-limiting illness. We also accept the responsibility to advocate and educate on behalf of those we care for and serve.


Our volunteers are encouraged to embrace the intrinsic worth of each and every person, and equally serve all without discrimination. Our focus is on quality of life and the desire that each person be allowed to journey toward death with meaning, hope, and dignity.


Finally, we never cease to learn. The deeply personal experience gained at the bedside of the many Islanders we have served has taught us many things. We have learned that clients and their loved ones must be well-informed and active decision-making participants in their health care. They must be prepared to advocate for the quality of life they deserve at their end of lives. Hospice volunteers are trained by health care professionals and are well-prepared to assist patients and loved ones throughout this process.

Hospice PEI volunteers are required to attend our Volunteer Training Course before they are qualified to perform volunteer services. It consists of nine or ten two-hour long sessions and costs $30 per applicant and includes a membership to both Hospice PEI and the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association. This certificate course is recognized by all health care providers and health care institutions in PEI.  Applicants must complete the entire course (9-10 sessions) in order to obtain certification. There is no requirement to become a Hospice Volunteer after taking this course.

Those who wish to volunteer for Hospice PEI must participate in an individual interview with their local Hospice Volunteer Coordinator prior to being assigned to a client/family. Criminal record checks are required as part of this interview. Training sessions are typically held once a year and scheduling differs depending on each regional chapter. To download a copy of our volunteer application form, please click here.

Ways To Volunteer

Hospice PEI has many ways you can volunteer your time. Some of the volunteer roles we have include:


Bedside Volunteer

Fundraising/Events Volunteer
Seasonal Decorating Volunteer

Baking Volunteer

Gardening/Flower Volunteer
Front Desk Volunteer
Animal Visiting

Music Care Volunteer

Long-Term Care and Acute Care Setting Volunteer

Board Member

Please send application to director@hospicepei.ca with subject Board Nomination Confidential.

Volunteer Coordinators

East Prince

Liz Parsons

Next Training Course Start Date: March 30, 2020 - POSTPONED





Ellen Davies-Ward

Next Training Course Start Date: March 28, 2020 - POSTPONED



West Prince

Jessica Dorgan-Trail

Next Training Course Start Date: April 7th, 2020 - POSTPONED



Grief Support Coordinators


Julie Higdon


Toll free 1-844-954-7433


East Prince & West Prince

Liz Parsons


Toll free 1-844-954-7433


To register for an upcoming training session in your area or for more information, please contact your local hospice coordinator (see above) or call the Hospice PEI provincial office at 902-368-4498 or email hpca@hospicepei.ca.


Volunteers must complete the Hospice PEI Volunteer Training Course. They will also receive additional training on the grief process.


Volunteers will be assigned a family member to journey with by a personal visit or a phone call once a month for a six month period. The volunteer coordinator will provide the volunteer with patient/family information.


Volunteers will keep a confidential written summary of the call or visit and report to the volunteer coordinator once a month. This reporting will include their volunteer time. At the conclusion of the assignment, the volunteer will sign, date, and submit the written Bereavement Follow Up form to the volunteer coordinator for filing.


Volunteers must sign a Declaration of Confidentiality and maintain strict confidentiality in dealing with the bereaved family and Hospice PEI information.


Volunteers must identify themselves as a Hospice Volunteer and a wear name badge when visiting a bereaved family member.



Grief Support

Be an empathetic listener by responding appropriately.


Inform the bereaved of services available in their community, e.g. grief support groups, clergy, professionals, etc.


Be well informed of normal and complicated grief.


Provide information on normal grief, energy required to grieve, and factors that influence the duration and intensity of grief.


Inform coordinator of suspected complicated grief or any other concerns.

Volunteer Support

Listening and conversing.





Providing respite care for caregivers.

Music Care.

Therapeutic Touch.

Transportation to appointments.

If you are interested in becoming a Hospice PEI volunteer, please contact the Coordinator in your area.

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